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About Us

Our History

The company was formed under the name Lipur Line Oil ApS.
Lipur Line Oil is a Danish company with 11 employees.
We have 25 years experience of the oil business.

We have experience and knowledge of the oil business, and we can make you good deals and support.

We have contacts and people who work for us in several countries, and you can always contact us, and be sure we will take care of you as a customer.
We have many different language skills inside the company, good knowledge and experience, so we´re sure we can make you too a satisfied buyer.

We Deliver

Lipur Line Oil has close connections to refineries, and can supply you with different kinds of oil and gas.

Lipur Line Oil  always keeps the high quality of its range of products and services. The high quality of oil products is guaranteed and the entire production chain , from the factory to the buyer, closely monitored.


Import & Export Sales

Sale of petroleum products is done through Lipur Line Network .

Lipur Line Oil export their products to other EU countries and other Asian countries on the Pacific Ocean . China’s neighboring northeastern region consumes large amounts of oil products.

Marketing and Sales

Lipur Line Oil ‘s own network can operate within the value chain of petroleum products , complex logistics of transhipment and storage.